Roadkill Radio

On road trips with my family as a kid, I liked to play a game where I pretended to be … More

The Special Group

Let’s say a group is a collection of people assembled together at a point in time and space. Over a … More

The Front

I’m sitting on a brown upholstered chair on the edge of our green front lawn with my black bag beside … More

Just Checking

I sit in my car going over details of what happened moments ago. I recall the turn of the key. … More

Warning Signs

The seagulls will eat your food. This warning appeared on a large chalkboard inside a beachfront restaurant in Santa Cruz. … More

Lost Texts

My grandmother wrote a poem once that was published in her high school yearbook. I remember reading it with her … More


For the past few years, I’ve had two default options I could turn to when I wanted to cry: (1) … More