Acting & Comedy

Rob & Ian’s Birthday Show, Highwire Comedy Co. & The Robert Mello Studio (2016-2020)
The Bed, The Robert Mello Studio (2017-2019)
The Movie, Highwire Comedy Co. (2019)
The Actor’s Worst Nightmare, Highwire Comedy Co. (2016-2019)
The Soapbox Show, Highwire Comedy Co. (2018-2019)
You Should Smile More, Highwire Comedy Co. (2018-2019)
Five, Vancouver International Improv Festival (2017)
Madmen and Poets, Java Monkey and Art Amok Slam (2017)
The Suggestion is The Boar, The Robert Mello Studio (2017)
Shakespeare, Unscripted, Highwire Comedy Co. (2015-2017)
The Day Before Tomorrow, Highwire Comedy Co. (2015, 2017)
Atlanta, I Love You, Highwire Comedy Co. (2016)
Campfire, Highwire Comedy Co. (2016)
Tracks, Highwire Comedy Co. (2015)
Don’t You (Forget About The Breakfast Club), Highwire Comedy Co. (2015)
ArtProv, Highwire Comedy Co. (2015)
Tug of War, Improv Road Show (2015)
The Alliance, United Atlanta Improv (2014) 
BattleActs, Academy Theatre (2014)
Improv Teams: Banshee, Collective 51, League Night, Sarah & Chris, Shark Party, Superconductor, The Outliers, Why So Serious

Scripted (Actor)
Capturing the Spirit of Oakland (Orelia Key Bell), Oakland Cemetery (2022)
Capturing the Spirit of Oakland (Evelyn Heisman), Oakland Cemetery (2021)
Men on Boats (John Colton Sumner), Yard Dogs Ensemble (2018)
Soft Boiled (Carol), Act for a Change (2018)
Romeo & Juliet (Apothecary, Abraham), Shakespeare on Draught (2017)
Much Ado About Nothing (Sexton), Shakespeare on Draught (2017)
Lumbergh (Alison), Act for a Change (2017)

Scripted (Writer)
The Pheromone Zone, Act for a Change (2018)

Scripted (Director)
Constellations (Co-Director), Drishti Theatre (2018)

Sketch Writer/Performer
My Funny Meowlentine, Relapse Theatre (2019)
Blackout, Baby, Highwire Comedy Co. (2017, 2018)
Eternal Office Party, Highwire Comedy Co. (2018)
Someone’s Always Leaving, Highwire Comedy Co. (2018)
Church Lock-In, Highwire Comedy Co. (2018)
The Performance Piece, Highwire Comedy Co. (2018)
The Restaurant, Highwire Comedy Co. (2018)
Dottie (2015, 2018)
The Gym, Highwire Comedy Co. (2018)
Meowy Little Christmas: An Evening at the Jungle Cat Lounge, Highwire Comedy Co. & The Robert Mello Studio (2016, 2017)
Get Your Sh*t Together, Highwire Comedy Co. (2017)
A Chaiwire Passover (performer only), Highwire Comedy Co. (2016)
Trick or Tree, Highwire Comedy Co. (2016)
EviLwire: A Nightmare on Bishop Street (writer only)Highwire Comedy Co. (2016)
Party of One, Highwire Comedy Co. (2016)
Livewire: Reset, Highwire Comedy Co. (2016)
On the Rocks, Highwire Comedy Co. (2016)
Solve for X Science Variety Show (2015)
Power Suit, Highwire Comedy Co. (2015)
Sketch Teams: Eternal Slumber Party, Sarah & Chris

Storytelling & Literary
Case Studies (2018)
Stories on the Square (2013, 2018)
Carapace (2012-2013, 2018) 
Naked City (2013-2014)
Write Club Atlanta (2013)
The Iceberg (2013)

Festival Appearances
New South Comedy Festival (Greenville, SC – 2019)
The Nestival (Columbus, OH – 2018)
Vancouver International Improv Festival (Vancouver, Canada – 2017)
Atlanta Improv Festival (Atlanta, GA – 2016, 2017)
Spontaneous Combustion Improv Festival (Atlanta, GA – 2017)
Last Seen Comedy Festival (Atlanta, GA – 2016)
Southern Order of Storytellers’ Stories On the Edge of Night (Atlanta, GA – 2014, 2015)

Williams Street Swap Shop (Guest Star), Adult Swim (2017)
New Media
Go Get Some Chapter 2: A Prequel (Lead), John Jaret (2018)
Survivor (Lead), J and J Productions (2016)
Little Library (Writer), Highwire Comedy Co. (2016)
The Equestrian (Lead), John Jaret (2015)
What am I, Emily? What am I? (Lead), Lightning in a Bottle (2015))

Courses Taught
The Harold, Highwire Comedy Co. (2017-2019)
Fundamentals of Improv, Highwire Comedy Co. (2017-2019)
Improv for Anyone, Highwire Comedy Co. (2018)
Intro to Long Form Improv, Highwire Comedy Co. (2016-2017)
Status & Philosophy in Improv, The Georgia Tech Improv Festival (2018) 
Saying Yes to Yourself, Women in Film & Television Atlanta (2017)
Teams Coached
August Appreciation Month (2018)
PDA (2017)
Good Time Alley (2017)
Two Scoops, Please (2016)

Building the Physical Life of the Character with Tim Phillips, Tim Phillips Studio (2018)
Meisner Intensive and Ongoing Study with Robert Mello, The Robert Mello Studio (2016-2018)
On Camera Technique with Martinez, Get Scene Studios (2017)
On Camera Comedy Acting with Matt Stanton, The Robert Mello Studio (2015)
Erica Arvold, Chad Darnell, Michael Kostroff, Jeremy O’Keefe, Tim Phillips

Chicago Style Long Form, Ryan Archibald, Village Theatre (2019)
Improv Comedy with Ian Covell, Amanda Rountree, Ryan Stadler, Highwire Comedy Co. (2014-2017)
Improv Comedy with Chris Rittelmeyer, Rueben Medina, Matt Stanton, Dad’s Garage (2013-2014)
Becky Johnson, Bill Arnett, Craig Cackowski, Dave Hill, Frank Caeti, Julie Osborne, Kelly Vrooman, Lauren Pritchard, Matt Folliott, Matt Jones, Susan Messing
Viewpoints with Eliana Marianes, The Robert Mello Studio (2015)
Sketch Writing with Michael Sokol, Ken MacLaughlin, Highwire Comedy Co. (2015-2016)
Anthony LeBlanc, Tami Sagher
Stand Up 
Stand Up Comedy with Joel Byars, Highwire Comedy Co. (2017)
Private Coaching with Shannon Turner, Story Muse (2017)
Kevin Allison
Arts Business
Ignite (Business Strategy for Artists) with Audrey Gámez, C4 Atlanta (2015)


PhD Demography, UC Berkeley (2010)
MPH Epidemiology, UC Berkeley (2007) 
BA Economics & Women’s Studies , Ohio Wesleyan University (2005)

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