Music for a Rainy Day

It’s going to be a rainy weekend in Atlanta.  I’m planning on spending it reading, writing, and working on costumes for a Gatsby party and a Steampunk picnic that I am going to attend this coming week.  I want to listen to music while performing these activities, and given the weather and my general state of mind on rainy days, Kings of Convenience is a perfect fit.

Although I imagine that I had heard their music before, I recently rediscovered this band through Pandora after giving a number of their songs the thumbs up.  I listen to Pandora at work because for the most part music helps me to stay focused on the tasks that I need to accomplish.  There are some artists, though, who I allow myself to take a mental break for, closing my eyes, putting my head and my hands, and taking some time to escape the confines of the office by submersing myself in the music.

A few songs to take your mind off of what worries you and to wrap yourself up in on a rainy day:


I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From

I’d Rather Dance with You


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