Tuesdays with Toes – No Time for Goodbye

The trip was last minute–a family emergency that took us out of town unexpectedly this past August for a few days. David called our vet’s office to arrange boarding for Toes only to find that they no longer provided boarding. Because our original vet was no longer there. While we were away in Europe, he’d retired, sold the practice to someone else, and the entire staff had changed hands.

Now, if Toes didn’t have chronic kidney disease, the fact that the staff had turned over might not have even registered for me. But I’d been in the vet’s office every few weeks picking up fluids or kidney food. Toes boarded with them whenever David and I traveled together. I knew the staff well and couldn’t believe they were all just gone.

We hurried to find another place for Toes to board and luckily were able to. Dropping her off, I was filled with this sense of sadness about the vet techs and office staff Toes and I would never see again. Instead, I handed her off to strangers.

A few weeks later I would take her to meet the new vet that took over the practice. Luckily, I really like the new vet. So much so that I might even follow their sign’s suggestion and Like their new Facebook page.


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