Tuesdays with Toes – Let Your Voice Be Heard

Toes has two types of meows. There’s her regular, everyday meow, which she’ll use when she’s greeting us or asking to be let outside. And then there’s a louder, more urgent meow, which I refer to as her radar meow.

Toes lives in our garage because I’m allergic to her, and when she first started radar meowing, I didn’t even recognize the muffled sound I was hearing through the wall as a meow. I thought a strange bird had moved into our yard.

But then one day I entered the garage while Toes was mid radar meow.

“Oh, that’s you,” I said to her. “What do you want?”

She didn’t answer me.

Since I discovered the true source of the sound, I’ve tried to go check on her whenever I hear her call out. But I know there must be times when I’m gone that she radar meows with no response.

I imagine she feels like I do on an election day like today. Radar meowing by casting my ballot and then sitting around waiting to hear if I’ll get the results I’m hoping for. Even if I don’t, I know it’s important to call out because no one would hear me if I didn’t.

So take a tip from Toes, and let your voice be heard by voting today. If she were running for Kitty Representative this would be the closing shot on her campaign ad. Vote Toes for a brighter future! 



  1. Great piece! It is now or never. Huge turnout at 6:30 a.m. in my neighborhood–good for the progressive agenda..

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