Tuesdays with Toes – The Worst Part of Life So Far

Yesterday I ran past a man who was walking and talking on the phone. As I passed him, I heard him say, “Ive found breakups to be the worst part of life so far.”

His phrasing intrigued me–both the deliberate act of naming the worst part of his life and smartly qualifying it with so far (because who knows what’s to come).

Overhearing him brought to mind potential candidates for the worst parts of my life. There are a few choices I won’t delve into today because I’m not up to sharing them, but I will mention one that ties into Tuesdays with Toes: my allergies to cats and dogs.

I’d love to wake up with Toes beside me in bed or cuddle up with her on the couch but my allergies keep our together time confined to the deck or the garage. It’s not the worst part of my life but missing out on the joy of living side by side with a pet is definitely something that makes me sad on a routine basis.


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