Tuesdays with Toes – Mourning

As you may have gathered from my Cemetery Recommendations page, I am a big fan of cemeteries. I visit a number of them here in Atlanta on a regular basis, and I love discovering new ones when I travel.

The day Toes passed away was a sunny one. A nice day. I had to drop David off at work, and afterward, I knew just where I wanted to go: a cemetery. Decatur Cemetery was the most convenient.

I went there, parked, and walked around. I cried a bunch, which I don’t usually do in cemeteries. But this day was different–I was there to mourn in a spot dedicated to such activities.

I visited my favorite part of the cemetery–a small path that’s enclosed by greenery where they have urn burials and a monument dedicated to people who’ve donated their bodies to science.

Wind chimes of all different sizes hang in the trees in this section, but on the day Toes passed away, there wasn’t much wind. To the sound of faint chimes, I scanned the small monuments atop the urn burials and found one that brought me peace: a small stone statue of a sleeping cat with angel wings.

Cemeteries satisfy me because they make me feel connected to fundamental forces that shape the human experience: birth, death, family, and love. When I go to a cemetery hurting or longing or hoping, I often find what I need in that moment.

Release. Perspective. Inspiration.

Cemeteries contain the wisdom of generations. They’re a reminder that life is brief. And they’re a great place to mourn.

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