Holidays in Heaven

A story a day until there’s a sleigh! This holiday season, I’m sharing a new flash fiction piece inspired by a holiday song every day of December until Christmas. Today’s story is inspired by White Wine in the Sun.

Everyday’s a party in heaven basking in the eternal glory of God, but during Jesus’s major holidays HEAVEN IS LIT.

Of course, Easter is the most savage.

Jesus is up in the D.J. booth making the beats and yelling at the crowd, “Who died for you?”

And everyone shouts back, “You died for us!”

All the wine that can be made from water is flowing on the taps and people are swimming in the baptismal pools.

The party lasts all night or what feels like all night. Time isn’t fixed in heaven like it is on earth.

At the end of His DJ set, Jesus recreates the Ascension, rising up even further into the heavens, and then the beat drops, and He becomes this like huge disco ball shining light on everyone.

And the whole crowd is like, “Oh my God!”

Then, God takes over the DJ booth, and He’s like, “Whose house?”

And all the people in heaven are like, “Your house.”

The Devil inevitably tries to sneak in, and St. Peter, who’s like a super cool dude but a scary looking bouncer, throws him out like, “You’re not welcome here, Lucifer.”

The Devil shows up at Christmas too, which is more of a cozy, traditional type thing where we’re all dressed in matching onesies by a giant fireplace. St. Peter kicks the him out then, too, but he does give him a fruitcake before he goes, which is nice, I guess, if you like fruitcake. I’m pretty sure the Devil likes fruitcake.

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