Home office question: how do I keep my butt in the chair?

I’m trying to develop a new writing routine that makes greater use of my home office space, but I’ve noticed a major problem: I can’t stay seated. I need your help!

As background, I’ve been writing my book for about a year now, and for the most part, I’ve worked at coffee shops. I like this routine because I know I’ll put in a few solid hours of writing whenever I go to a coffee shop in order to justify the trip. But there are problems with relying solely on coffee shops for a writing space. First, there’s the cost. On average, I spend about $7 a trip, putting my expenses at somewhere between $140-$210 per month. The second is that there are only so many hours I want to spend at the coffee shop (maximum of five), and I’m at a point now where I want to be working more than that.

So in order to write more and spend less money, I spent the latter half of last week writing from home. But I could not keep my butt in the chair. Any excuse to get up, I’d take, and if there wasn’t one, I would make something up.

What am I trying to escape? Overall, I enjoy writing and editing my work, but I find myself often getting stuck trying to revise poorly phrased sentences. These sentences make me uncomfortable, and rather than fight, I flee by taking a break, thus prolonging my agony.

Why don’t I suffer this same problem at coffee shops? It’s much harder to leave my chair. In particular, I pack up my computer and take it with me whenever I go to the bathroom. So it’s a pain to get up. I might pause and check my phone, but I don’t completely disengage from my writing space the way I can at home by moving into a different room.

To tackle my problem of staying seated, I tried implementing a 45/15 strategy last week. I would set a timer for forty-five minutes of work and then take a fifteen minute break afterward. But with no oversight, I found it difficult to adhere to the self-imposed schedule.

So this is the part where I ask for your help. What do you do to keep yourself on task when you work from home? How do you keep yourself accountable on projects where you’re only answering to yourself?