Fantasy Friday: reliving my wedding day

Fantasy Friday is back! Here’s today’s thought exercise:

If you could relive one day in your life, what day would you choose? 

For me, my first instinct was my wedding day because I’d be able to reconnect with as many people I’ve loved as possible. Plus, I’d get to experience all the fun again: drinks at the Palm Court, the hot garden ceremony, fabulous food at the reception, and lots of dancing!


I love dancing. In fact, my number one criteria for choosing a wedding dress was how easily I could dance in it.


I would also love to relive Christmas when I was a kid, especially because I’d get a chance to be with my grandmother, who passed away my senior year of high school. I miss her a lot. So much so that I might even choose a day from my childhood when I was sick and staying at her house. She’d make me scrambled eggs, toast, and cream of mushroom soup, and we’d watch the classic 1940s Pride and Prejudice starring Laurence Olivier.

There are other days I would consider as well involving family trips, vacations abroad, falling in love, high school dances, etc. I’m fortunate to have many wonderful days to choose from.

What day would you choose to relive?

Ways I’m like my dad: we look alike

In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, I wrote a series of posts detailing the ways I’m like my mom (here, here, here, and here). Since Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, I’ll do the same for my dad starting with a very general observation: we look alike. Here’s a photo from my wedding to prove it.


I feel like “we look alike” is the kind of response you give if you don’t have anything in common with your parent, but my dad and I share a lot of traits. So stay tuned.