How do you procure A’s?

We were having a vocabulary lesson in my seventh grade reading class taught by Sister Diane.  She introduced the word procure.

“How do you procure A’s?” was what she asked us. But what we all heard was, “How do you procure AIDS?”

We shifted uncomfortably in our chairs, giggling softly under our breath, a bubble of nervous excitement blooming among us as our minds collectively turned to thoughts of     S-E-X.

The silence was broken when a boy raised his hand and delivered an answer our behalf. “Sex?” he said shyly.

“Sex?!” Sister Diane shouted back at him.  “Is there something you need to tell me?  That’s not how to go about getting good grades.”

Comprehending the miscommunication the class broke out into laughter.  The quiet giggles transformed into hearty belly laughs.

This comedic exchange, so perfect in its timing and tone, might be the best representation of unintentional humor that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.

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