Fantasy Friday: fanny pack comeback

Friends, there are two things I want right now: an iPhone 6 Plus and a sweet fanny pack keep it in. Forget little iPhones. I want a nice big screen so I can read books everywhere I go. At the mall, at the movies, at the laundromat–wait, I don’t go to the laundromat anymore…

Not the point.

The point is I want a nice, big iPhone, and I only see one problem: where to store it. The small iPhone fits so comfortably in my jeans pocket, but a bigger iPhone might not, and according to a reports, there have been a few cases of it bending.

That won’t do.

My solution is simple: wear a fanny pack. Forget purses with their need to be held. I want a fanny pack that I can fill with essential items (cash, cards, keys, phone, hand sanitizer, feminine products), attach to my waist, and forget about.

Fanny packs mean business. No hands. Well, except for the initial strap on. And then the strap off.

Did the temperature just go up in here? I think so! Try making love wearing a purse. That sounds complicated. But with a hands free fanny pack, no problem.

Fanny packs are sexy.

Right? Right?!?!


Well, in this Friday fantasy they are. If I could resurrect one maligned fashion accessory, it would be the fanny pack. Because I like to keep my friends close and my credit cards even closer.

What fashion accessory would you make trendy again?


  1. If you want to kick-start the fanny pack trend, you won’t be alone. I know a math professor who totally rocks a fanny pack on the regular. He is a very tall, large man, so I guess he doesn’t have to worry about people taunting him for his unusual fashion choice. (Plus he’s a math professor, so no one cares about his fashion choices.) Also, my 89 year old grandmother wears one, and she’s a pretty amazing lady.
    I’m actually pretty happy with how fashion is right now. I feel like there is a lot of freedom to wear whatever you want, and I see lots of interesting fashion all the time, even though I live in Utah, not really known as being on the cutting edge of fashion. Part of this could be that I’m in a university environment, where there is always more freedom, but I just kind of feel like the fashion world encourages unusual choices more than it used to. Or maybe it’s always been like that in the “real” world, but as a high schooler in suburbia, I felt like there were only like three things I was allowed to wear.
    That said, side ponytails were pretty cool. I don’t see many of those nowadays. (But I have short hair, so I couldn’t participate in this trend.)

  2. I see your fanny pack and raise you a money belt. The money belt enhances sexy times as you are required to literally reach into your crotch area to retrieve its contents. Team money belt right here.

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