A Pro and a Con of Fitness

Lately I’ve become pretty fit. I go to the gym three times a week, run outside the gym, and eat a paleo-inspired, protein rich diet that helps me build strength. Much has been written about the challenges and benefits of maintaining fitness. Here are my observations:

  • PRO of Fitness: I can buy kitty litter in 35lb pails. I feel like I have superhuman strength when I carry a pail from my car into the house.
  • CON of Fitness: My armpits have become weirdly difficult to shave. They’re hollower so have to hold the skin taught with one hand while I try to shave with the other. Difficult to manage.

My armpits are patchier than they used to be, but when I carry kitty litter, I feel like a superhero. Tradeoffs.

Here’s a pic of me during a run. Still trying to determine for myself whether gym selfies are a pro or con of fitness.


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