My new self-care mantra

I have a hard time cutting myself slack. I’ve definitely filled the role of my own worst critic, and I’ve treated myself more badly than I would treat any other person (although I wouldn’t treat anyone that badly so I’m not too much of a jerk to myself).

The notion of practicing self-care makes me queasy. Shouldn’t I be tough enough not to need self-care? Do I deserve self-care? Isn’t it selfish to practice self-care when most parts of my life are pretty easy?

I’m trying to be better about practicing self-care and not interpreting it as a sign of weakness. I received a soft t-shirt as a gift recently from David. It has lovely washing directions that I’ve reworked into a mantra for myself.

“This garment requires gentle delicate care” becomes “this person requires gentle delicate care.”

I’m not “gentle” or “delicate” per se. But that’s the kind of care I want to give myself so that I can continue to be soft and strong.


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