Living in the Moment

It’s been a bit since I last wrote a note. I spent the last week of June and pretty much all of July traveling around Europe. While there were plenty of noteworthy things happening, a friend encouraged me to “let go of should” on my trip. So while I felt I probably should blog and write and figure out my life instead I tried to live in the moment and honor my impulses.

I’d purchased a nice camera before my trip so one way I spent my time was taking photos. I had a pretty basic knowledge of how to use my camera before I left, and it was a lot of fun learning more about photography as I explored different places: Zagreb, Amsterdam, Schiermonnikoog, Brussels, London, Paris, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

I operated on a volume principle–take a lot of pictures at different angles in hopes some of them will turn out good. Below is one of my favorite photos I took in Berlin. For me, it captures the beauty of living in the moment. The moving bus, the stationary statue of the man on the horse, and the moving small speck of plane in the sky all come into alignment for a brief time. I manage to document it. Within seconds, the bus is down the street and the plane is off to who knows where and the moment has changed.


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