Whole30 – Take 3

The first time I tried to do Whole30, about a year ago, I failed because of lack of preparation. I didn’t understand how the program worked and found myself the first few days saying again and again, “Wait. You can’t eat that on Whole30?” Eventually, I threw in the towel unwilling to give up peanut butter and bacon (which generally contains added sugars).

I’ve been wanting to have another go at it, especially to test the effect of eliminating added sugars in my diet, but holidays, travel, etc. kept me from taking the plunge until about two weeks ago when I embarked on Whole30 again.

My second go around was a much better start. I bought the book. I prepped my meals. The first few days felt great. But then we were called out of town unexpectedly for a family emergency. I didn’t want to have to explain to my family members, who were dealing with enough stuff, why I wasn’t eating cheese or bread or beans or peanut butter or anything containing added sugars. So I dropped Whole30 and ate a cannoli parfait (which it turns out is the perfect way to eat a cannoli because it’s in a cup and there’s extra cannoli cream).

Ah, memories. Anyway, fast forward to today where I’m back home and now on Day 2 of Whole30. I really want to make it work this time. In the five days I was on the program before my trip, I could feel the benefit of regulating my sugar intake. My mood felt much more stable, and I stayed full longer. One of my major goals right now is gaining strength, and planning and prepping my meals is going to help me eat regularly and boost my protein intake–both necessary for achieving my goal.

One of the steps you’re supposed to take before starting Whole30 is announcing your intention publicly. I’m a little late to the game on this, but I’m about to go to a party with cookies and lemonade. So I wanted some accountability from the Internet. Thank you for being my witness.

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