Tuesday with Toes – The Not Quite Pescatarian Kitty

Following the success of my Whole30, I’ve embarked on another nutrition challenge—eating a pescatarian diet until Thanksgiving. I want to curb my meat consumption going forward for environmental reasons and an all out restrictive period seemed like a good way to jumpstart this change. I’ve roped David into doing this with me at home (which means no bacon at breakfast—a big sacrifice for him), but it never occurred to me that I could extend the challenge to the other member of our family: Toes.

Toes’s diet is regimented to manage her chronic kidney disease. For two years, she’s eaten a mix of chicken flavored canned and dry food from Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d line. Recently at the vet, I noticed they were carrying a fish flavored k/d dry food so I bought it for her to change things up. Then, today I noticed they’re also carrying tuna and vegetable stew canned food.

“Toes can be a pescatarian too!” I thought as I bought the food.

But my excitement dissipated later on in the day when I consulted the ingredients list. Tuna was the fourth ingredient listed. The first three were water, pork liver, and carrots.

So Toes will continue to be a carnivore with a bit of fish and vegetables thrown in for good measure. Judging by the way she scarfs up the new food, she’s unaware of the potential moral hazards of her consumption in this era of carbon emissions and global warming.


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