Tuesdays with Toes – Life’s Little Lizard Challenges

The lizard appeared out of nowhere! It was this past Saturday afternoon. I was home for just a few minutes between appointments, and I’d gone out to check on Toes in the garage to make sure she had everything she needed.

I opened the door to the garage (a regular door not a garage door) unaware that the lizard was near the stoop. When the door opened, the lizard bolted inside.

Toes was inside her cat house and despite the lizard’s entrance being in her field of vision, she didn’t seem to notice. I wanted to avoid witnessing a bloody lizard death so as soon as Toes walked toward me, I picked her up and put her outside keeping the lizard in my line of vision.

The lizard and I stared at each other for a few moments before Toes hopped back in the garage. She wanted food, I’m sure, and remained oblivious to the presence of the lizard.

At this point, I did what I usually do when small bothersome events like this happen to me and cursed my stupid luck. Why oh why is this happening?

I recalled past episodes when wildlife had entered my home, and I’d not been able to handle it–a number of birds over the course of a few days at our old house in Atlanta. David had taken responsibility for evacuating the birds, but he was not around to help with the lizard.

As the lizard continued to stare at me making slow movements across the floor, I remained frozen in indecision. How does one capture a lizard? If I went away to grab something to aid in said capture, would I be able to find the lizard once I returned?

Toes continued to remain unaware of the lizard’s presence, which by this point I think warranted her cat card being revoked.

The lizard made a few more slow movements finally adhering itself to the side a weight plate David uses when he lifts. I saw an opportunity and grabbed a towel.

I lifted the weight plate with my towel covered hand hoping that the lizard would remain in place. It did staying fixed to the plate until I’d lowered it on to the grass in the yard–a successful end to the lizard incident.

Given my history with the birds in our old house, I was quite proud of how I rescued Toes from the lizard. It was a small challenge, but one I managed to meet. And I know I’ll be more comfortable facing similar problems in the future because of it.

I want to keep this in mind the next time I’m troubled by a small bothersome event. Life’s little challenges present opportunities for success that can prepare me for larger challenges down the line. So might as well embrace them.


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