Tuesdays with Toes – The Many Beds of Toes

For one cat, Toes has a surprising number of beds. Seven by my count. Here’s how she’s acquired so many beds in her 2+ years with us.

First Bed/Fluids Bed. We bought Toes her first bed when she moved into the garage after we brought her home from rabies quarantine/her unnecessary second spaying. It was a generic round bed with beige fleece lining from PetSmart. She no longer uses this bed for sleeping, but David and I put her in it when we give her fluids. Hence, it’s become the Fluids Bed.

Warm Bed #1. The first winter she was with us, we bought Toes a heated cat bed to keep her warm in the garage. Toes spent a lot of time that winter curled up in it looking cozy.

Summer Pad. In summer, Toes needed a cooler option so we bought her a wide gray pad with a slicker fabric coating. She’s used it the past two summers.

Warm Bed #2. Her second winter with us, I ran into some problems when I tried to clean Warm Bed #1 so I bought Warm Bed #2 (an exact copy of Warm Bed #1). Toes continued to curl up inside it and look cozy.

Generic Bed for my Parents’ House. We took Toes up to Ohio this past summer to stay with my parents while we traveled to Europe. I bought Toes another bed, a gray fleecy padded one from PetSmart, to help ease the transition into her new living arrangement. (Toes has her own room at my parents’ house, which is the room I shared with my sister when I was little.)

Warm House Bed. As the weather turned cooler this year, we set Toes up in a heated cat house we’d purchased for her. There’s a fleece lined pad at the floor of the house that functions like a bed. We loved going into the garage to find Toes staring up at us from the little door of her house.

Cheetah Taco Bed. Toes is currently back at my parents house for a visit. David and I took her to Ohio for Thanksgiving, and she’ll stay up there through Christmas. We didn’t bring a bed with us this time. My parents had one waiting for her–a cheetah patterned half dome bed. Toes loves curling up in it, and when she does, it makes her look like a Taco.


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