The Token Start

January 1, 2019 I tackled two tasks in my kitchen: cleaning out my refrigerator and replacing bulbs in the overhead light fixture which had been down to one bulb out of three for far too long.

My intention in taking on these tasks was to jumpstart progress on my New Year’s resolution to declutter and develop a more consistent cleaning routine around my home. I figured Day 1 I’d take on something small, a token gesture to signal my enthusiasm, and then Day 2 I’d really get to work.

But Day 2 came and my schedule shifted unexpectedly as it often does. So instead of cleaning the living room, dining room, and bedroom as I’d planned, I took on another token gesture–clearing the clutter from my bedside table and wiping it down.

Now here we are at Day 3, and I’m hopeful I can make a dent in the living room tasks listed as overdue on Tody, an app I’m using to keep track of what needs cleaning. Even if I don’t manage to finish everything listed on the app, I’ll still have made progress.

Three days into the new year my house isn’t as clean as I’d like, but my kitchen is brighter and the fridge feels fresh. My bedside table is clear and calm. And I’m hopeful that by being consistent and tackling something daily I’ll be able to develop the cleaning routine I’m aiming for this year.

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  1. Sarah, love the thoughts on seems like common sense but one might not think of how to act until he/she sees something written down. Also, I very much like your presentation of making adjustments to your plan without thinking of it as failure but as the necessary fluidity of living life.

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