Tuesdays with Toes – Hopes of a Purr

Frequent readers of Tuesdays with Toes today you are in for a treat! I am excited to share this week’s guest post written by my mom, Deb Zureick. She and my dad have been taking care of Toes during her winter vacation in Cincinnati. Like me, my mom has found there are many lessons to learn from Toes. 

The older I get the more I want to enjoy life – I even made that my 2019 resolution. I appreciate the importance of love and have been focusing a lot lately on what in my life I love. The list is long and what a great feeling that is. For me that feeling reminds me of a cat purring all comfy and warm and loved.

Toes, the cat, is a guest in our house for a few months. She is a bit crotchety, a little mean, and she’s old. Reminds me of myself in many ways. I get it with the achy joints, enjoying time alone, and just wishing to run & play crazy like back in the day. I sympathize with her completely. We do our best to make her accommodations comfortable for an old cat – a room all for her with books and paintings, kitty litter and food close by, carpeted floor, and a sweet faux cheetah fur bed aligned next to the heat register. She seems to enjoy the lodgings.

Watching this old cat and knowing what a hard time she has gone through, I sure would be glad to do what I can to make her life enjoyable. What I want for Toes is for her to curl up on my lap and purr with contentment, but I would gladly take any purr. So I brush her hair, play music in her room for her to listen to, my husband serenades her, and we talk to her about how beautiful she is. Hopefully we will get a peep of a purr out of her before she heads back home to Atlanta. It would be so nice if Toes and I could share that warm, comfy love.


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