Tuesdays with Toes – Leave Me to My Taco

“You may pet me here,” Toes seemed to be saying as we greeted her in her room at my parents’ house after nearly a month apart. She lay in her cheetah taco bed next to the heater. “This is where I live now.”

Did I expect her to get up to say hello to us? Yes. But she didn’t. And in that moment I knew. Regardless of how much I’d missed having her home, Toes wanted to spend the rest of the winter in Cincinnati where she could stay inside my parents house cozied up next to the heater in her taco.

My parents felt the same way and so it was decided that Toes would stay in Cincinnati for a little longer. Until Spring comes to Atlanta and Toes can enjoy her other favorite activity–basking in the sunshine in the backyard.


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