Corona Pt. 3

April Tragedies

April has been a dismal month
Ever since the Titanic sank
Between two continents.

Or perhaps it was sooner.

For April ushered in the Civil War,
Which lasted five Aprils–over 620,000 soldiers dead–
When Lee surrendered at a house in Appomattox Court House.
Lincoln was shot days later–in April of course–
Assassinated like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who
Died for liberty on the Fourth (of April).

April showers have brought mass shootings (Columbine, Virginia Tech),
Mass bombings (Oklahoma City, Boston Marathon),
A massive oil spill off the Gulf Coast (Deepwater Horizon),
And a massive earthquake (1906 San Francisco).

The Notre Dame burned in April of last year
And the world watched history fall to ash
Unaware of the history we’d be making
April of this year
When tragedy found a way to shake off
Its geographic straight jacket.

I’m taking April day by day and so far I’m through almost two of them.

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