Corona Pt. 16

Blind Banana Last weekend we lost power The same day the water went out. No, we’re not behind on our … More

Corona Pt. 15

Cases Climbing US cases climbing–we’re on the rise– And banned from traveling to Europe. I don’t blame them. This time … More

Corona Pt. 14

Barbershop Existentialism I gave my first haircut on a Sunday afternoon. My training–a six minute YouTube tutorial– That taught me … More

Corona Pt. 13

Grocery Jokes My first trip inside a grocery store Since March. A woman stood too close to me in the … More

Corona Pt. 12

This is to tell you what side I’m fighting on When we look back at our Instagram timelines, We’ll see … More

Corona Pt. 11

Studying In college, I took a class in public policy. It was one of my harder classes. I wrote a … More

Corona Pt. 10

Observations Talking through a cloth mask is like Making out with a bed sheet. And it’s hard to trust eyes … More

Corona Pt. 9

Georgia I don’t want out of Georgia. I’ve become quite a fan Of grits and Southern hospitality. Also, I have … More

Corona Pt. 8

Daily Life Simple mornings. Work out. Shower. Breakfast. Start the day With a steaming cup of chicory. Simple evenings On … More

Corona Pt. 7

Seven Weeks The space between here and normal Stretches further than from here to where we started. Seven weeks of … More