Corona Pt. 11

In college, I took a class in public policy. 
It was one of my harder classes. 
I wrote a report on the HUD. 
We studied a famous plane crash (unrelated). 
I think it happened in the state of New York
Sometime in the 80s. 
I could be wrong. 
It wasn't Sully's landing. That was later. 
The problem in the crash we studied
Happened during the landing. 
My government professor, 
A lean older man with a bald head and wire rimmed glasses, 
Commented that most problems occur during takeoff or landing, 
Which has made me feel better in flight ever since. 
I was a nervous flier in college. 
Today, I am a nervous pandemic participant (unwillingly drafted).
I wonder what future public policy students
Will learn about the coronavirus response
And how it might make them feel better--compress their fears
Like studying that plane crash did mine.  

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