Corona Pt. 13

Grocery Jokes
My first trip inside a grocery store
Since March. 
A woman stood too close to me in the salt aisle. 
A mask-less man laughed too near me by the potato bins. 
I used to love the sound of laughter, 
Eliciting it from the crowd, 
But now it makes me think of projectile molecules--
A force behind the spread of germs. 
And I'm not so funny anymore,  
Only David here to hear my jokes.  
He's been telling better one's lately. 
Glute Bridge to God
I returned to work last week, 
Leading workouts in a parking lot. 
I was lying on the ground in a glute bridge hold
When the sun escaped a cloud
And struck my eyes, 
Blinding me like Paul on the road to Damascus. 
I wanted to call out to God, 
But my mask was suffocating, 
And anyways it was time to give instructions
For the next move. 

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  1. Enjoyed the post. Exercise in the parking lot with a mask sounds uninviting. Exercising in my condo with a you tube video is not very compelling either…..minor complaints. I guess we’ll soldier on and try to keep our blessings in mind.

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