Corona Pt. 18

When You're the Ma'am
Guess what? The power's out again. 
And there's a big roach, 
The kind that splatters, 
Crawling up the wall. Ew.
And the power won't be on till 12:30pm
So we can't open the fridge to make breakfast
Even though you just worked out. 
And the medicine you need right away
Will be delivered in 1-2 days 
Due to miscommunication and a malfunctioning website. 
"Ma'am you need to calm down." 
That was me. I was the ma'am. 
And they gave me twenty minutes on hold 
To cool off. 
Later walking the drugstore aisles
I chased away my cares with consumerism
Like it was the before times
Buying toothpaste, toothbrushes, cheap eyeglass chains, 
And picking up my prescription. 
I believe you have me filed under "Ma'am." 

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