Corona Pt. 22

Livestream Wedding
Until today, the closest wedding
I'd ever attended was a ten minute
Uber drive from my house.
(This was before I switched to Lyft.)
Today I was set to attend a
Wedding in my house--a livestream affair.

I dressed four minutes beforehand
In a simple gray cotton skirt and a pink shirt
Because it didn't feel right to
Wear my Corona daytime PJs,
Even if I was just watching it over YouTube
And not video conferencing on Zoom.

We arrived on time to technical difficulties.
Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.
A flurry of comments, "What's going on?"
"We're working on it."
But the wedding never came through.

Instead we watched the YouTube videos with the
Most ever views--Despicito, Baby Shark Dance, and
Recipe for Disaster, a Russian cartoon
With a checkers loving bear and
A rambunctious blonde girl who makes too much oatmeal.

I worried that maybe the wedding had been called off,
But then I saw the bride had changed
Her relationship status on Facebook. Phew.
The groom later sent us the link to the recording.
Everyone looked lovely in their formal wear and masks.

The maid of honor's pale blue mask matched her
Spaghetti strapped floor length dress.
The groom's black mask lent a distinctive air to his suit and tie.
The bride's mask was beaded, her dress lace.
At the end, they exited the spot where they'd exchanged their vows
And were cheered by masked strangers passing by,
Unintended guests more present than we were. 

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