Corona Pt. 24

Before Normal
I shattered my cell phone screen
When I accidentally dropped it square
On the ground, solid pavement, at the Farmers Market.
Luckily I found a good place to repair it in downtown Decatur.  
They required masks and had two hand sanitizer stations. 
The whole process was done in about an hour and a half.
In the "before" times, I hate calling them that,
I would have gone to a coffee shop or restaurant nearby, 
But instead I walked to the Decatur cemetery 
Where I sat on a wall scribbling in a journal.
(Remember my cell phone was being repaired.) 
I was comfortable enough
Until a teenager who talked loudly
Started coughing in my audible vicinity, 
And I got scared and left. 
But then I had to walk around in the hot sun
Passing by and walking behind strangers
Some masked and others unmasked. 
There were diners gathered on the patio at Leon’s. 
There were people standing in line for ice cream. 
And queued up at the indoor poke bowl place. 
But I couldn’t or wouldn’t do any of that. 
So I just walked and waited
Until my cell phone was repaired
And "normal" life could resume. 
The Covid Weight
I thought I’d outgrown my size 8 jeans,
But it turns out they were size 10. 
And they still fit over my hips,
But I have to breathe in sharply to 
Bring up the zipper. 

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