Corona Pt. 29

All of me is clinging toward an ending--
The return of things I love: 
Travel, family visits, theater crowds, 
Standing close talking with someone new, 
Wondering can we be friends? 
Zooming for convenience instead of by mandate. 
Grocery shopping on a Tuesday afternoon just because. 
Meals inside a noisy restaurant
Where dinner voices echo off the walls, 
"There's too much salt in this."
I'd say late night bar crowds, 
But I'll probably have aged out of all that
By time this is over. 
Hopping on a rower after someone else
During a relay race at the gym. 
Taking off from the starting line with a 
Thousand other runners corralled in groups A, B, C, D, E. 
Leading big tours at the cemetery. 
Performing improv in front of a crowd. 
Hugging an old friend tight. 
I will, however, miss the masks. 

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