Corona Pt. 36

The Questions
I'm a Moderna like my parents. 
Sarah Moderna!
My husband will be a Pfizer soon. 
David Pfizer!
I know some Johnson & Johnson's. 
One and done. 

The questions we ask each other now: 
Which shot? 
How'd you book it? 
Any side effects? 
How long was the needle
  and did you look? 
When's your second dose? (if applicable)

This time last year 
It was all beginning--
The two week lockdown
That turned into months
  of wondering: 
When will this be over? 

We still don't know

But we're starting to ask questions
We've waited so long to ask: 
When can I see you? 
When can I hug you?
When can I put my face next to your
  face and breathe? That may be a while. 

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