Falling behind

I made a lot of promises about blogging more in the New Year, and now it seems I’ve fallen into a slump.

I’m embarrassed.

I’m sorry.

I’m not sure you noticed and maybe I’m making this all the more awkward by confessing.

But confessing is the way I deal with the (mostly needless) guilt I carry.

Last weekend in Wisconsin, I walked up a hill past the place where I had my first real job. I thought about the direction I expected my life to take when I arrived there five years ago. I thought about the unexpected places it has gone instead. I cried from some mixture of pain and relief.

I wondered where I’ll go next.


The ultimate beercation

My husband and I just booked a trip to Madison, Wisconsin, where our mutual love of all things beer was born. Can’t wait to return to our roots and drink some Spotted Cow. Planning this trip to got me thinking: where would I go for my ultimate beercation? Going home is always good, and that’s how I feel about Madison. But if I were to take a no limit beercation, I’d go to Belgium. I’m a huge fan of Belgian style beers but have yet to vacation there.

How about you? Where would you go for your ultimate beercation?


Me at Mickey’s Tavern, our favorite brunch spot in Madison. That’s a Bloody Mary with a beer back. What a way to start a Saturday!

It could be worse

I lived in Madison, WI, for a year after I finished graduate school, and my husband and I resided in a neighborhood with weekly street cleaning from April through October.  On the two days per week our streets were being cleaned, we had to make sure we weren’t parked on the specified side of the street to avoid a fine of around $30.

Come October, I was getting really excited that street cleaning would end.  I would look at the street cleaning sign and think to myself how carefree parking would be come November.  That is, until we received this flyer on our car window one morning:

alternatesideDavid read the flyer first and said, “We’re going to have to move our car to the opposite side of the street every day during winter.”

I grabbed it from his hands countering, “No way, that can’t be true.  It’s probably only when it’s snowing.”

As I read and comprehended the reality of Madison’s alternate side parking, my heart sank.  Now, we would have to think about being parked on the correct side of the street SEVEN nights a week rather than two.

In the end, we probably got five or six parking tickets over the course of the winter, all during non-snow emergency times.  As winter settled in, though, I came to respect the alternate side parking program because there was SO MUCH SNOW accumulating over months and months during which the temperature did not rise above freezing.  If it had not been for alternate side parking, the streets would have become really narrow as snow piled up on either side.