Get to Know Me at 23* #YesAllWomen

I’ve been encouraged by the recent outcry against misogyny that’s fallen under the umbrella of #YesAllWomen. Here’s my #YesAllWomen story, which originally appeared on my Xanga in November of 2005.

Last night I went into the city for a concert… I was intentionally looking pretty hot for the occasion.  As I was leaving, this young guy at the bar smacked me on the butt.  I turned around and said, “that was inappropriate.”


He replies, “Come on, you know you wanted it.”


To which I quickly and firmly reply, “No, I didn’t.”


I was very proud of myself.  This was definitely one of my best feminist moments because I was so on the ball and direct.

I’ve been composing this post in my head for about a week now, but I’ve struggled to post it because I keep wanting to qualify the story in some way. I’m going to resist the temptation to do so now.

*Excerpts from my Xanga that I posted on during my senior year of college and first year of graduate school.

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