My Miscellaneous Life

Sometimes my interests and passions and hopes and dreams feel like a messy pile of papers or a long list of files downloaded from the Internet. They’re grouped together by virtue of being part of me. They’re mine. But I don’t feel like I can summarize them in a title that would characterize my life. Like someone dedicated to a profession might. Or someone who has earned honors in a particular area. Or someone who highly values their family role.

I’ve always wanted to be something, but I’ve had a lot of trouble pinning down what that something is. I think the closest I’ve gotten is artist which still seems quite general.

Part of the problem is that I love learning, and the desire to learn is always taking me off in new directions. Down new avenues toward something I might become and hopefully something I’m meant to be.

However the older I get the more uncomfortable I am with the idea that I’m meant to be something in particular. So I’m trying to make peace with the other option–a miscellaneous life characterized by varied interest that keep changing as I move, age, and meet new people.

In recognition of my miscellaneousness, I’ve introduced a new tab on the main menu of my webpage–a miscellaneous tab where I’m going to document things I’m interested in like visiting cemeteries around the world.

Keep an eye on the tab because I plan to add more soon. Gotta document those passions!

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