Corona Pt. 15

Cases Climbing

US cases climbing--we're on the rise--
And banned from traveling to Europe. 
I don't blame them. 
This time last summer I was finding 
Comfort among strangers at the Louvre,
Riding the metro, dining indoors. 
And now--none of that. 

This wouldn't be over if our president
Had addressed the crisis competently, 
But it wouldn't be like this. 
Mask-less masses flooding to malls and bars
In the name of individual liberty, 
Tasked with restarting the economy
Our leaders failed to protect. 

How long must we traverse the Yellow Brick Road to the capitalist's Oz
Before we look down and see its path littered with lives lost. 
When will we recognize the haze around Emerald City 
As our planet's global warming problem. 
When will we comprehend our pursuit of normal 
As a threat to our collective existence. 

Not today apparently, America. 

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