Corona Pt. 16

Blind Banana
Last weekend we lost power
The same day the water went out. 
No, we're not behind on our bills. 
It happened to our neighbors too
Who asked us, "Is your water out?"
"Yes," I said. "This happens here."
At 5:30am, I woke up David
So we could buy ice at our 
Neighborhood gas station that's become 
Much brighter ever since they built
Those nice houses across the street from it. 
I wanted the ice to save the food in the fridge. 
Before we left the house, David handed 
Me half a banana in the no power darkness 
And said, "Eat this." 
It was covered in banana hairs
But I couldn't see them
So I just ate. 
We only lost a beef shoulder to the outage
And the boil water advisory was lifted the next evening
But we'll be living in a pandemic for a long while. 
90's Nostalgia
David bought eight fish
For our backyard pond--
We call the biggest Hootie
And the rest are just the Goldfish. 

1 Comment

  1. You cant overestimate the power of 1/2 a banana in a water/power outage…..or anytime really. Plus, they are really inexpensive.

    Have you ever read about the history of the banana trade to the U.S. it is fascinating.

    Nice piece, by the way.

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